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Caucasian Dream is a small travel agency which wants to pass its fascination and love to the Caucasus to others.

Our first visit in Georgia resulted in a big love for this country and started, lasting several years, the great Caucasian adventure. We are a team which turn the passion for travel and love for the Caucasus into a job and organizing trips. For many years we live in Georgia and many times we organized trips to the Caucasian countries – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Now we decided to devote all of our time, enthusiasm and energy (which we have more than enough) to organizing tours and that’s why we created Caucasian Dream.

Our goal is to organize trips which let participants really get to know a country, feel the atmosphere, taste it, have the opportunity to meet with the locals. Therefore tours organized by us include small groups (max. 18 persons), which facilitate contact among themselves and with locals, facilitate traveling and getting to know the country. Contacts with local people is very important for us, that’s why in many places we use the services of small local businesses. And after all these years a lot of local entrepreneurs became our friends.

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We organize excursions with passion to show you what is the best, the tastiest and most authentic.

Programs of excursions are very varied and intense to allow you to see much more than just objects from the”must see” list. We assure getting to know the country “from the inside”, which means showing you not only the historical monuments but also the local attractions, markets and eating in local restaurants. Programs of excurion and prices are complete (included all services). We want participants to fully enjoy and experience the journey and that’s why all the attractions, transport and meals are included in the price. We focus on quality of service, so you can be sure that after holiday spent with us you will be satisfied and you will want to come back. 🙂

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